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Information on the Awarding of Course Credit for Previous Education or Other Acquired Knowledge, Including Military Education and Experience

California Career College offers credit to veterans for previous education or for other acquired knowledge in the field of nursing, including military education and experiences (i.e. corpsmen or medic), through documented equivalency credit evaluation, and challenge examination. 

1. Applicants must meet all general entrance requirements of the Associate Degree Nursing Program, including HESI Admission Assessment Exam and must be granted a seat in the program.

2. Challenge includes a medication calculation exam (minimum passing score 75%), didactic exam (minimum passing score 75%), and psychomotor skill assessment (minimum passing “proficient”).  Please see the challenge procedure details accompanying this policy.

3. Applicants applying for advanced placement must submit the following materials verifying education and experience:

        a. Official transcripts from appropriate educational program(s) demonstrating satisfactory completion of coursework and              clinical experience.

        b. Documentation of experience including dates of experience.  Experience provided in the form of a resume or           

             or Curriculum Vitae. 

4. Advanced Placement will be granted if the applicant meets minimum requirements equivalent to those required of students enrolled in the NSG 222.

5. If the challenge is unsuccessful, since a seat in the program has already been granted, the veteran will be required to begin the program with NSG 222.


California Career College complies with California Board of Registered Nursing regulations regarding compliance with SB466 procedure as follows:

If a veteran is interested and would like to be considered for advanced placement, the following procedures will be followed: 

1. Provide documentation of education and experience for the qualifying Military Health Care Occupation. Documentation must be submitted to the Program/Assistant Director before enrolling in the program.


2. Pharmacology (NSG222) course syllabus, content outline, bibliography, textbook lists and format description will be made available thru Hesi/Evolve.


3. Study guides for medication calculation exam, case studies & practice exams will be made available thru Hesi/Evolve.


4. Following review of the required documents, the veteran will be notified to proceed with the process for challenging NSG222 (Pharmacology).


Step 1

Successfully pass a medication calculation exam (NSG222-Pharmacology). Exam time limit is 1.5 hours. The minimum passing score is 75%. The student will have two (2) attempts to pass. Upon successful completion of this exam, the veteran may advance to step 2.

Step 2

Successfully pass a computerized exam (Hesi/Evolve) for Fundamentals & Pharmacology content. The minimum passing score is 75%. Upon successful completion of this exam, the veteran may advance to step 3.

Step 3

Upon successful completion of the exams, the veteran will be contacted, and a mutually acceptable date will be determined by the student and one of the Foundations instructors for psychomotor skill testing.  Testing is expected to last two hours. The veteran may come to lab one hour early to become familiar with the equipment. Successful completion of psychomotor skills assessment (vital signs, physical assessment, catheterization of female, sterile dressing change, medication administration to include oral, subcutaneous, intramuscular injections). Evaluation is based on practicum standard used for all NSG 200 (Fundamentals). The student must be at the “proficient” level. The Director/Assistant Directors/Instructor evaluation is final. References to all procedures will be provided following successful passing of the challenge exam and medication calculation exam.


All information is given during the student/prospect first interview with the Director/Assistant Director. Policy is also reviewed during orientation and provided in the student ADN Handbook, as well as the school catalog.


Additional Information:

• Computerized exam is through Hesi/Evolve Software.

• Hesi/Evolve codes are provided to student during the first 4 weeks in the program

• Will have 11 weeks to study/review information

• Must test in the first semester and before (15 weeks) is completed


SB466 - The Board of Registered Nursing shall deny the application for approval made by, and shall revoke the approval given to any school of nursing that does not give student applications credit in the field of nursing for Military education and experience by the use of challenge examinations or other methods of evaluation.

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