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Market Watch "Start Your Career on the Right Foot with California Career College" 
July 15, 2014 



Market Watch "One Nursing School in San Fernando Valley Helps Graduates Find Stability" 
June 19, 2014 



Market Watch "California Career College Stays Ahead of the Curve with an Exciting New LVN Program" 
May 8, 2014 


Digital Journal "LVN Programs from California Career College can Lead to Important Job Security" 
Apr. 20, 2014 


Yahoo Finance "From Nursing Basics to IV Therapy Certification, Canoga Park Vocational School Offers a Pathway to Healthcare Jobs" 
Apr. 8, 2014 


Beyond the Dow "Aspiring Nurses Learn Real-World Skills at California Career College" 
Apr. 5, 2014 



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