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IV Therapy Certification

iv-therapy-certification-pageVocational nurses (VNs) who wish to be able to perform the full range of duties and procedures available to them need to obtain IV therapy certification. As one of the top VN programs in Los Angeles, CA, California Career College offers a complete IV therapy certification program that ensures that students are fully competent to complete the tasks required to ensure that intravenous therapy performs its intended function, improving the health outcomes of patients.

IV certification in Los Angeles and Southern California area hospitals may play an important role in hiring decisions as it is crucial in providing care for a large percentage of patients. California Career College offers full instruction in proper venipuncture, the types of fluids that may be administered through an intravenous needle, preventing and controlling infection, potential risks and complications as well as potential legal issues related to the use of IV catheters.

With skilled instruction provided by members of our first-rate faculty, this 30 hour program provides the kind of IV therapy certification Los Angeles area vocational nurses need in order to increase their skill set and widen the pool of nursing jobs for which they will be considered. The fact of the matter is that intravenous catheters are an extremely common aspect of a patient's treatment, whether they are being hospitalized or are visiting a clinic on an outpatient basis. VNs who want to maximize their career prospects need to seriously consider taking advantage of the California Career College program for IV certification; Los Angeles is a highly competitive area and access to this kind of training can make all the difference.

IV Therapy and VN Training at California Career College

As one of the most respected VN schools in Los Angeles, California Career College is here to provide top quality training for future vocational nurses through its Vocational Nursing program as well as IV therapy certification for a broad cross-section of students. Our VN students come from all over the world and across the United States, and that also applies to IV certification students, who may have received their initial nursing education at VN programs in California or Texas or at similar Professional Nursing/PN programs offered in the other 48 states.

Whichever program students attend at California Career College, they can depend on receiving outstanding instruction and more than that. We are also extremely proactive in terms of providing a comfortable environment for students from all ethnic and religious backgrounds. Economic differences are another important concern, and we understand that most students require some form of financial aid to complete our programs. Our Financial Aid Office is ready to provide help at all times.

Even so, a student's experience at California Career College ultimately comes down to the quality of instruction he or she receives. Our faculty members are leaders in the healthcare field who are highly experienced both as nurses and as instructors. Moreover, they come from a diversity of backgrounds that is every bit as varied as that of our student body. We believe that makes for a higher caliber of instruction as our teachers understand the real-world challenges faced by today's students.

At California Career College, helping students get the most out of their education is what we're all about. If you are a vocational nurse ready to take our IV certification program, or a high school graduate interested in beginning a career in nursing through our Vocational Nursing Program, call 818-710-1310 or visit our contact page.

Vocational Nursing Program

Become a Vocational Nurse

The Vocational Nursing Program will include courses in communication techniques, anatomy and physiology, terminology, nutrition, nursing skills, gerontology, maternal-child health and pharmacology.

  IV Therapy Certification

IV Therapy Certification

Intravenous therapy is an important part of medical care and intervention. At California Career College, we offer training to the graduate vocational nurse in the technique of IV insertion.

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